My 6-Place Roaster
6-place roaster
Yes, I did start my 6-placer this winter. As you can see I'm quite far along now, this last week of March, 2002. I hope to have it running in a couple of weeks. It has been alot of work and I will be glad when it is finished. It was six times the work, since I built my first single-place roaster. It will have alot of new features on it when it's finished. I will have more pictures and more info on it when it's completed.
Anyone need me for a LARGE party!!!??

Bob Prom

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Painting the roaster
I pulled the roaster out in the daylight to paint it.
I have not attempted to light it yet. Gee, I hope it works!!
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Open the lids
Opened up the lids to let it breathe a little after the long winter in the shop.
Still haven't lit it yet!!
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A few odds and ends to finish yet. When I'm all done I'll have a great picture for you to view and I will let you know if it works!!
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It is done!!!
It is done and it works. The first event it was used at was
Trobec's chicken fry in St. Stephen.
Roasted 2200 halves of chicken.
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Pig Roaster in the 4th of July parade
Now it's time to show the public. Presented "Super Spit 6" in the
St. Joseph 4th of July parade.
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