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by Robert Prom
We buy our pigs from a local meat market. They are all stamped USDA approved.
First we cut the hoof portion off and then we cut the hock off. We save the hocks and usually give away, because a person can only eat so many pork hocks!!
Pigs in the truck Cut the hocks off
Stuffing the pig with sauerkraut
All stuffed with sauerkraut
Stuff with sauerkraut All stuffed
All stuffed and ready to go. We lay our pigs on a stainless steel roasting pan. The pan has holes in it where the fat drips out into a pan beneath the spit. Now it's time to light the grill up. We use LP gas. It is alot easier to regulate the temperature than charcoal and doesn't have to be watched so closely.
Pig on the roaster Light it up
Roast as follows at 325deg
80lbs. 6 hours
100lbs. 7 hours
120lbs. 8 1/2 hours
140lbs. 10 hours
Pig is done when meat thermometer reads 170deg. Test in the shoulder
and the hams.
All our pigs are roasted with the skin on. Look how golden brown they are. Some people just like to break a piece of the skin off and eat it. Golden brown
And VOILA, we have one good looking piece of pork to eat!! We lay the pig on lettuce and parsley and decorate with fruit. chef Decorated Pig
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