by Robert Prom
First decide how big your party will be.
I usually figure 1lb per person (dressed).
Maximum size we will roast is 140lbs.
Give us a call, 320-363-4108, to discuss the details.
You will need to bring a truck or a SUV. Something big enough to slide the pig and stainless steel tray in.
Give us a call!
We will have the pig ready to go at the designated time we arrange for you.
Pig will be taken off the roaster and transferred to another stainless steel tray and then carried to your vehicle.
Roasted Pig Carry to truck
After it is in your vehicle..... we will supply an apple for its mouth
& it does come stuffed with sauerkraut.
In your truck Apple in the mouth
Now it's time to cover it up with foil and away you go.
No fuss, no mess. Just good eating!
The pig will stay nice and hot. You should plan to
serve it as soon as you arrive home.
Cover with foil Ready to go
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